Shattered 2 – 19 September 2015

Shattered by Melanie Lazarow

A spectre is haunting (Europe) and it is the spectre of Communism. Karl Marx

Photographs of protesters as they are projected and shattered through
the medium of the bottle/glass are captured either just as light, or the
image of the people moving through glass, a medium scientifically
interesting as a liquid which feels solid, but is sand. The temporality
of the past in time present, the ghostly images of people and light, who
were parading and marching for a better world, are illuminated.

Will time’s bottle shatter, let its contents go, create shards that can
split time? These specters of time’s past in time present are an
indication that time present will be time past. It is humanity’s actions
that will shape the final storyboard, and it still can be a positive one
of meeting human need. The questions of time/temporality and the
consequence of being caught in a difficult time of war, and injustice
are raised.

Melanie has recently graduated from the VCA with a Master of
Contemporary Art, First Class Honours, and is presently working at River
Studios, Creative Spaces. She actively participates in protests, and
always takes an artistic position from within protests.

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