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 Capitalist Realisms . Brunswick Street Gallery

Capitalist Realisms BSG 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

I was particularly attracted to this group show because of the inherent contradiction in the title, “Capitalist Realisms”. 

ML8 ML7There is nothing real or authentic about Capitalism.  “Capitalist Realisms” is an oxymoron. It needs to be challenged.

Products glint and glimmer, they are often out of reach in shop windows. Capital is the way living labour, people, have to produce goods and services, which they have to buy back as produce. It is this sense of alienation, and the possibility of overturning the system, that drives these paintings and photos.

The “Red Wedge” paintings approach this subject matter with some of El Lizittskys red wedges – displaced.

Just Finished: Exhibition  –  It is right to protest Monday 28 September 2015 – Sunday 25 October 2015 at the GoGoBar ChinChin

Large protest photos, and installation, capturing the necessity of protest.   The banners fly, sun shines through the leaves, words unfurl. This is a tribute to the people, in a bar, among the people of Melbourne. The 12 iPad installation shows scenes of the past year’s protests which have changed a leader of government if not a government. The work is a combination of previous videos and new ideas developed in a Creative Spaces managed studio. Creative Spaces is a program of Arts Melbourne at the City of Melbourne

 Chin Chin An exhibition for protest throughout lower bar GoGo

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