Shapeshifters -My Contribution

“Construction  towards a saved planet , there’s no planet B”

I am contributing to a joint exhibition,

G.2. + G.3. + G.4 Shapeshifters Group Show

Shapeshifters explores the creative ability of the artist to redefine themselves, transgress their chosen medium, look into the future and transcend multidimensionally the world around them in utterly unique ways. Exploring concepts of form, function, sacred geometry, symmetry, pattern, multiple dimensions and colour intrinsically connected to themes of pattern, architecture, minimalism and mathematics. Shapeshifters considers abstraction as an aesthetic strategy to unearth a wealth of individual approaches and disciplines and the curated works themselves will shift through the exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists:

Drew AbrahamsonIan Westwood Min Ray Aileen Ng Amy Cooper Syd Cross Ashini Nanayakkara Melanie Lazarow Ruth GrovesTania Matilda Yasmine Fauzee

There is no planet B. Towards a saved planet

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