Politics and art again

No art floats untied to its time. Even abstract art gained its freedom to extract itself through untying links to religion and patronage.

Today I ask how do we art in a world of Trump? Thinking of the ma, I know that every criticism and insult he wears as a badge if honour, as a growth hormone.

So I refuse to grow his strength by condemnation of his acts. While 99 percent would agree that most things he says and does are despicable, any acknowledgement is fuel. I concentrate on acts of defiance collective acts of support and resistance. And abstraction.

Exhibition Persistence/Resistance at Rubicon Ari February 2018

In this space I immerse myself in the tangled problems of art politics and polemics. I remain with the question but i think it was an interesting one. These photos taken by Patricia J Casten look at my exhibition from am outsiders eyes. I enjoyed dwelling with her with her interpretation of my exhibition.