Short Biography

Most importantly I am immersed in the question of change, how art changes, how the world changes for better or worse, how it is a dialectic of movement, caused by events in the real world around us. I am fascinated by what made us move to using abstractions, particularly the constructivists. Of course all art exists in a milieu and the world around us now is threatening and coercive. Now more than ever the act of art is an act of necessity, bravery, and resistance, My  iPad installations show collective outcries in tangles of  wires,  plugs, and looping scenes catching anger and determination with words on banners, colours of flags, and the interaction of protesters. Currently Melanie is printing these scenes in unusual ways, banners and cushions.

Melanie has a Master in the History and Philosophy of Science from Melbourne University, and a Master in Contemporary Art from the VCA.