Thoughts on Extraterritoriality

X-it by Ted Colless For the three or four years I attended the VCA I had little to do with Colless, the occasional lecture while completing the Graduate Certificate in Art before the Master degree. Reading his introduction to Art & Australia Volume 1 I found some genuinely interesting and new conceptual ways of dealing […]

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Operation Border Force Farce I see an artwork growing in my subconscious mind the degradation of concentration camps offshore are played out in an encroaching loss off civil life. The tram and train inspectors revisit in a paler version the feeling of injustice and inaction in everyday life. My next artwork must take this on. It will be more […]

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A short residency in Barcelona – A City of occupation and hope

I was  over the moon to undertake a residency at Jiwar, in Barcelona. Jiwar is an Arab word which means neighbourhood. Beyond this meaning, Jiwar aims to  bridge experiences and promotes inter-cultural and interdisciplinary exchange.   “As is true of most of Spain, the province of Catalunya, and especially Barcelona as its capital city, suffered […]

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