I love putting the immersion of being in a protest in the multiple iPad reflective process of joining and looking at the many links to make these happen. of course we need to go much further the mild mannered behaved protests often depicted here (though in madrid the healthy left is loud and vocal). This […]

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On the brink (though we fell off) …protest for Greece

Although the Syriza government capitulated, and gave in, accepting austerity worse than offered before the 62% OXI vote, the strength of a movement with popular leadership standing against austerity momentarily took the worlds breath away, sending the financial market into paroxysms of fear. It was a lovely moment. It will return. From Solidarity Magazine  "Syriza’s decision to […]

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Shattered – Exhibition Red Gallery beginning 3 September 2015 Opening 6-8

A spectre is haunting… The protest s filmed through the glass bottle, light shatters through the medium of the bottle/glass. The bottle catches either just light, or the image of the people moving through glass, a medium already scientifically interesting as a liquid which feels solid, but is sand. The projection is then captured on the […]

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