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Alternating Current Art Space Opening 15th September

Next Exhibition: Are You Comfortable Yet September

In this new era of enhanced racism, incomprehensible acts of cruelty against refugees, and environmental negligence, I finds ways to express reservation and opposition on printed fabric, video and  cushions inviting you to ask are you comfortable yet? 


Exhibition recently completed  Red Gallery Defying Complacency 

Past news

 Till Now, an exhibition where you can exit through the gift shop, literally. It includes examples from a year of tight exploration of the geometric forms, red wedge paintings, and sculptures,where I fit a red wedge somewhere. Photos of the protests particularly for equal marriage and refugees, some of my pure older abstracts painted for the sheer delight of the surface and the colour. As well as a bit of a commercial bent, pens, wrapping paper and cards. Look forward to meeting Melbourne friends and supporters there for a drink

Red Wedge Series

Past Exhibition: MELANIE LAZAROW Exhibition – Shattered 2 – 19 September 2015

Opens Wed 2 September 6-8pm red gallery contemporary art space 157 st georges rd wed – sat 11am – 5pm p.o. box 1240 + 61 3 9482 3550 fitzroy north 3068 Victoria Australia

Ghostly and bottled, made from everything we have done in the past, collectively we can shatter the glass, towards the next moments of our future.


 Rubicon ARI February 2018 Persistence/Resistance…Rubicon ARI Opening Wednesday February 7th, 2018 For the last four yours I have been working with concepts of politics and art openly treading the fine line between art and polemic in exhibitions, articles,  drawings and in photos. I have been making installations of looping wire, videos and lately other materials…

Short Biography

Most importantly I am immersed in the question of change, how art changes, how the world changes for better or worse, how it is a dialectic of movement, caused by events in the real world around us. I am fascinated by what made us move to using abstractions, particularly the constructivists. Of course all art…

I was there: fighting apartheid in South Africa | The Sound of Solidarity

Today, many activists know the term apartheid best in relation to the struggle of the Palestinian people against Israel’s brutal control. But the system of apartheid was born in South Africa and involved institutionalised, rigid and vicious racism. Solidarity member Melanie Lazarow, who was born in apartheid South Africa, talks about the waves of resistance that…

No Planet B series

Constantly changing juxtaposition, angle colour and base gives just some of the variables in our universe. There are some that we consciously as humans have to oppose, carbon, coal, the type of vehicles used, more public transport, achieve full public housing. Everything for human need not greed. My abstractions are only that but without a…

Construction towards a saved planet.

This series, painted in the period of unimaginable fires, floods and Covid lockdowns, and new imperialist war, contemplates the interconnections of possible solutions

Shapeshifters -My Contribution

“Construction  towards a saved planet , there’s no planet B” I am contributing to a joint exhibition, G.2. + G.3. + G.4 Shapeshifters Group Show Shapeshifters explores the creative ability of the artist to redefine themselves, transgress their chosen medium, look into the future and transcend multidimensionally the world around them in utterly unique ways.…

Written by NPA activist Julien Salingue “Your wars our dead, your wars no more”

YOUR WARS, OUR DEAD The following “fragments” were written by NPA activist Julien Salingue, expanding on his slogan above. This is a translation for English speaking activists who are interested. The translator hopes Julien won’t mind. / J’espere que ca ne genera pas Julien que je l’ai traduit por si des militants anglophones s’y interessent.…

Paintings 2000 – 2010

Benjamin’s time please read

Turkey Hagia Sofia

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