Persistence/Resistance Rubicon Ari

Thanks to Patricia Casten for photos

Are you comfortable yet?

Exhibition….alternating current art space juxtaposing the comfort of the pillows against the demands of protest,

Defying Complacency red gallery 22 Feb – 8th March 2017

I’ve spoken before about the ghosts of my past.  In my last exhibition at red Shattered I said time past in time present, the images of glowing figures caught spectre-like in the bottle, they speak of a past temporarily lost and a new present always being forged. The image is only of this moment, but reaches back and forward. Over and over through history we have had lessons to learn, our lack of learning leads to the shattered deaths of refugees, children lying on beaches, adults, curtailed. My art helps me get over feeling useless and tired. I am no longer certain of the old certainties of “what is to be done” But still I think complacency must be defied.
FIVE IPADSRed Wedge Series Red Gallery

Exhibition as Prize Chin Chin Restaurant and Bar Go Go Bar
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