In the dark times will there also be singing?

I intermingle painting, video, photography and installation. I put images, ideas and objects together in any format to make meaning, or try to fathom meaning, from light and movement. The language of art is different from science, the conventions I am obeying are probably unknown to me, but I appreciate those who broke with the past Courbet, who painted the people around him rather than nobility of religious icons, Van Goth for splurging his colour, the constructivists for ordering and thinking symbolically about power. With a world in turmoil for all but the 66 who own and control more than half the world’s population’s wealth, much is so wrong and seems so hopeless. But there have been times of despair before, and as Brecht asked, “in the dark times will there still be singing?”. His answer “yes there will be singing about the dark times” this is my art, a dedication to anyone who struggles in any way to change the status quo, and to those who sometimes don’t have the strength.  The bad times of apartheid were overthrown with the massive protests and strikes of the 70s, 80s and 90s. The possibilities and the challenges are there in the social movements, in our brush strokes, in our music, and in the light we play with through our lenses.