Melanie Joy Lazarow


I investigate the problems of art and politics. As the world tumbles into Trumpism, a new era of enhanced racism, and incomprehensible acts of cruelty; new ways of opposition have to be found or reinvented.

I was born in South Africa, and lived through the experience of the overthrow of Apartheid. I witnessed and was involved as an artist in a blossoming of art and new concepts as the confidence of the workers and students who took up the struggle in Soweto and elsewhere were successful.

I am now living in a time when the successful struggles of the past are being buried by a new surge of racism and ultra-right conservatism. But the movement against racism, environmental degradation, and refugee-camps continues as it must. Mostly I find my art in this struggle. I agree with Brecht when he said “In the dark times will there be singing?” and he answered, “yes there will be singing about the dark times.” And there will be art, painting, singing, protest, film and photography. I hope you find me there.




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