Melanie Joy Lazarow

Art, for me, unlike writing, or speaking, is a search in visual form at an undetermined level.  Sketches, collage, paintings, videos and installations, are my tools. While consciously I understand the struggle to create as a process of thesis, anthesis, and synthesis, even though I have completed a master in contemporary art, I still struggle to know where I am going. I am not producing art for the market, though i do work i think is beautiful, and I am happy to sell it, at reasonable prices. Much of my art is amateur video clips, combined in multiple iPads, to form a montage, not in the video itself, but in the combination of the videos, and the intersection with wiring and plugs. To date I have used scenes from demonstrations to create the question of the tempo of marches, and the question of do we have it right?

I take so many photos they are voluminous, some available at


Mostly I find my art in this struggle. I agree with Brecht when he said “In the dark times will there be singing?” and he answered, “yes there will be singing about the dark times.” And there will be art, painting, singing, protest, film and photography. I hope you find me there.




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