Welcome to my page.

Please come to the opening of the Moreland Summer Show  2018 Exhibition: Saturday 17 November – Saturday 15 December 2018 Opening: Saturday 17 November, 2 – 4 pm

This year’s theme is Peace and the Pursuit of Happiness.

In apparent global chaos how can we define peace? In the 21st Century where does happiness appear? Are these things fought for or only to be found? Do they exist as hopeful acts or as real outcomes? Can we transcend clichés and cynicism to bring into being in an authentic way?

I have a series of night photos included. I am very pleased and proud of these

In my continuing investigation into protest I have been walking alone with my iPhone at night taking photos of the paths and the streets, the shadows, the light, the luminescence, outlines, depths and presences, asking whether night gives comfort, distress, or both. This is my immediate surrounding area, and my walking is a singular protest, something I do not normally engage in, because in numbers lies power. But I don’t want to be contained, inhibited or prevented from doing what I love and must, pondering the nature of things in the light and in the dark. These are dark times, but there is light, and artists have to see the light in the blackness.

Melanie Joy Lazarow Installation Victoria College of the Arts 2014


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